Working as part of the management team, The CIO Partnership undertook an assessment of the worldwide MIS infrastructure for a group of newly acquired international technology businesses operating in the internet security arena.

The challenge for this new group was how to operate with disparate applications and then create a truly international 24 /7 customer support service.

The outcome was the:

  • rationalisation of service providers and outsource contracts
  • establishment of a single global ERP suite
  • a fully planned implementation of an MPLS data and VoIP network to reduce network costs
  • implementation of globalised business processes to create major operational efficiencies
  • the rationalisation of MIS resources resulting in the establishment of a single MIS team
  • development of a highly secure web services infrastructure

These changes are enabling our client to maintain their rate of growth by making it easier to scale operations, keep control of costs by adopting the best technology platforms and work more effectively by ensuring the management team “hold the reins” of information and technology management.

By reviewing and improving business processes first, and then focusing on IT hardware and software, the company has been able to replicate best practices on a global basis and create a level of independence from “IT platforms” that it didn’t think was possible.

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