Review – Plan – Transform – Develop – Specialize

The CIO Partnership is unlike any other service provider you will ever have worked with. Unlike some major consulting firms, we provide practitioner led services using very high calibre specialists to deliver measurable results fast and provide excellent value for money.

Unlike large Systems Integrators we take a pragmatic approach to design and deliver practical solutions that are appropriate for your business without unnecessary over-engineering and complexity.

Unlike Interim Management agencies, our CIO Partners are available for short or long-term assignments, part or full time to provide the expertise when and how required.

Unlike other alternatives, we aim to transfer our skills, knowledge and expertise to your staff to make ourselves redundant. We are still available nonetheless, to provide help, assistance and mentoring as and when needed to ensure you long-term success.

Our service delivery capabilities are broad and deep but broadly fit into discrete areas covering:

  • Review – where we can assess the suitability of your processes or IT as they relate to your business needs.
  • Plan – covering strategy development. Technology and governance needs.
  • Transform – to adopt best practices to change, transform and integrate your business for optimum success.
  • Develop – your employees, your management and your business.
  • Specialize – we will introduce industry and technology specialists relevant to your business.

Below we offer a map of “highlights” to introduce you to our core capabilities. Just hover over each capability to reveal the highlights.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss our capabilities in more detail with you, so please do contact us for a no-obligation chat.

To discover exactly how our Professional Delivery Services can make a difference call The CIO Partnership today FREE on 01789 262911  or use our email contact form.