1. Cost Reduction – Can you afford to ignore it?
  2. Green IT – Do you need to rethink your approach – do you want quick wins?
    Download a copy of our round table discussion of business leaders on the topic “Whatever happened to green IT?”
  3. Unlocking the strategic value of IT – Do you get value for money; do you invest in the right things?
  4. Professionalising IT – How good are you now; how good do you need to be; how good is your competition?
  5. Enterprise architecture – The world has changed with the ‘Cloud’. Is it time to review where you are; do you need to innovate?
  6. Sourcing or outsourcing – Is IT management a core competency of your business? Do you need assistance to rethink and find an alternative?
  7. IT planning and governance – Do you understand your technology strategy and its potential? Is it linked to your business plan and can it keep pace with change? Are you managing all your (internal and external) risks? Are you certain you can recover if you have problems?
  8. Management of information – Do you get what you need, when and where you need it, in a form that makes sense?
  9. Business integration – organisations that restructure or merge face issues of duplication of roles, services, information systems and culture. We can map the way to deal with these issues and assist you in delivering the change.
  10. Expertise – our team have firsthand experience as CIOs and IT Directors. We aim to use this expertise to be your trusted partners on difficult projects.

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