Chief Information Officer
The term CIO, or Chief Information Officer, is used in technology dependant organisations to define the executive role accountable for the management and delivery of business systems, technology and information.

It is often seen a hybrid role and combined with other often related areas of responsibility such as business process and change management.

The role differs from that of an IT Director or traditional IT Manager by virtue of having Board level accountability, often accompanied with a wide influence over internal issues.

Managing delivery
The role of a CIO differs to that of a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) often as a result of the nature of an organisation. High-tech organisations that have a need for technology leadership create a CTO role as a visionary leader and product architect. In these teams the role of the CIO would be to manage the delivery of shared business systems and corporate services.

The role is changing
There is a wave of technological change happening and it is happening very fast; far too fast for many CIOs to keep pace with. The role of the CIO and the IT department is changing from that of the provider to that of a broker of services. Many departments are making their own policies on important matters like energy provision and cloud computing.

Historically, the IT department has provided end users with all the technology they needed. Today consumerization of technology means that many end-users are using more sophisticated technology in their private lives than they use in the office. So much so that they are demanding to be able to use the same equipment at work (referred to as BYOD or Bring Your Own Device – to work).

The CIO needs to regain the trust of the business to become the honest broker and to apply effective governance of IT and environmental policies.

Business leaders and CIOs will need help to cope with the rapid changes to the IT landscape and its role within the business, so there is an urgent need for education and mentoring for CIOs if this is going to happen.

Business and technology
CIOs are not always technology managers by background. They can be technology aware business managers able to bridge the cultural and process divide between technology delivery and business users.

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