Low-Cost Technology Health Check – Register Here

Finding a qualified, full-time CIO with the right skills and experience can be both time-consuming and expensive.

But imagine spending some time with the ex CIO of Rank or someone of a similar background relevant to your sector to talk through your IT concerns or have a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ look at moving your IT strategy forward.  That’s what we are offering………..

A Low-Cost Technology Health Check will:

  • give you time to talk with an experienced CIO – getting some answers to your questions
  • conduct an initial assessment of the capability and effectiveness of your internal IT team (or service providers)
  • undertake a brief review of your key business processes and the way in which you work with your technology, customers and suppliers

Finally, we will feedback a bullet point guide to the improvements and/or cost savings you can make across your business – helping you create a future plan.

To make best of the time we have for the Technology Health Check, we may ask you to provide some information ahead of the review taking place and to ensure the individuals we need to meet are available.

To register for our Low -Cost Technology Health Check simply click here.

All Technology Health Checks are carried out totally confidentially.