Running a business is demanding enough at the best of times but when you depend on technology to serve you, it’s all to easy too overspend and be frustrated with the complexity and overheads that come with it.

These days as technology evolves, much of what’s delivered is becoming a utility service which companies can plug into. Economies of scale, flexibility and different delivery models, for example Cloud computing, are changing the way organisations and their clients can be serviced. Industry specific communities of interest are evolving to share the infrastructure needed to support their common processes. Choosing to focus on the issues and services that differentiate them from their competitors gives companies an edge. Some organisations are outsourcing their back office functions, choosing to focus on the things they excel at and the way they go to market.

With broadband and mobile telecommunication services becoming omnipresent, organisations can build a direct and often sophisticated relationship with customers without the need for retail locations. Organisations can also keep client facing staff on the road, employing mobile technologies and on-demand software to support new business models and process; leading to innovation and major gains in productivity.

Keeping aware of the potential and also the way these opportunities can be taken, is a challenge for any business unable to justify having the business development and strategic skills of a full time CIO on the payroll. We at The CIO Partnership aim to help our clients to take the prize that comes from lower cost, improved efficiency and the ability to leverage new process and markets.

Working with you, we can assess how well your current technology investment delivers value for money whilst assisting you in ensuring future technologies achieve the best possible return on investment.

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