Business Held Back by Lack of Expertise?

  • Is your technology empowering your business or constraining it?
  • Do your systems and processes deliver the right information to the right people at the right time?
  • Would you like to have access to high calibre business and technology expertise but feel constrained by the costs?

Game-changing Technology  - an Opportunity or a Threat?

  • How will you protect your business from a competitor using upcoming game-changing technologies?
  • How will your business adopt upcoming game-changing technologies to your advantage?

Need to Protect Your Cash?

  • How could innovative procurement and financing of IT technology AND services free up your capital expenditure budget?

The CIO Partnership can help you!

We can protect your cash

The CIO Partnership understands the need in the current economic situation for businesses to be prudent and cautious with major capital expenditure. Using the purchasing power of our partner Vitrx; we have access to technology at advantageous prices most business cannot achieve on their own. We can provide the technology via attractive leasing arrangements that free up your capital budgets and protect your cash.

Not only that; our leasing arrangements can even include services, not just hardware and software.

We can help you take advantage of game-changing technology

Through our close partner relationships with Bloor Research and our IT Directors’ Study Tour we can keep you abreast of the upcoming technologies that could threaten your business if you ignore it. We can also help you understand how you might be able to capitalise on these new technologies to gain significant competitive advantage.

We can provide the expertise you need in a way you can afford

The CIO Partnership can provide very high calibre Chief Information Officers – people who have held senior business leadership roles and who also have in-depth technology understanding – as and when you need them to help transform your business to be more effective, more competitive and more profitable. In effect you can have access to your own “virtual CIO” – there when you need it, not when you don’t!


The CIO Partnership is proud to be associated with the following organisations.

BVCA Member  The CIO Partnership is partnered with Bloor Research  

 Greenside Partners


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